An Enlightened Approach to Pet Ownership!

Yellow Dog is more than a store; more than a place people go to get things they need. Yellow Dog is an Idea. The Idea that pets are so much more than animals we just share our home with.

A really great pet is one whose needs are all fulfilled. That’s why we focus on products and services that mentally stimulate animals and empower them to problem-solve independently. Giving you a calmer, more focused, better balanced pet.

We aren’t trying to sell large volumes of pet food. We strive for something higher; happy, healthy animals. That’s why we’ve forged a bond with one of the best certified professional animal behavior experts in the tri-state area. If you have a pet with lots of nervous energy, one that lays waste to your home, or one that always seems untrainable or even unlivable. Stop by, we can help. By focusing our offerings in this direction and offering Kindred Companions LLC’s services, we have created a place where you and your pets can live better and enjoy life.

When products and a few training sessions aren’t enough, we also have access to the entire world of dog sports. Everything from canine scent-work to agility to obedience trials. Our know-how doesn’t stop with dogs, it starts there. Kindred Companions LLC also has a feline branch and can work with any species, including horses and birds. All right at your fingertips when you walk in or give us a call.

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